Westcott is a place where sustainability is a commitment, and not an aspiration. We take huge pride in the animal and plant life across Westcott. It’s not just the human tenants who feel at home here.

Fresh air, fresh ideas

Looking after the open spaces and encouraging biodiversity is a labour of love at Westcott. Ask any of our management team, or the tenants who work here: the effort is well worth the rewards.

Fresh air at Westcott

Solar power

The existing Solar Park generates around a third of our current electricity requirement. We have plans in place to install a new unsubsidised 15MW Solar Park which will make Westcott the UK’s first carbon-negative business park.

Solar power

Sustainability: action not words


Capacity of solar photovoltaic power plant


Acres of solar panels


Tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided since 2011


For decades, Westcott was a largely untouched and undisturbed space, allowing natural habitats and rare biodiversity to flourish. We still protect the green beauty of the park, encouraging species such as newts, butterflies and owls to thrive.

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Ecology at Westcott
Tenant stories
I appreciate the security. Not only is the rural location right for our business, but our working relationships with other on-site businesses are also highly valuable.
Terry Slade
Ziebe Ltd Automotive | Distribution
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