Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and boost the Park’s commitment to sustainability

19/02/22 | Park News

Westcott businesses are being encouraged to get involved in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations taking place at the Park.

Businesses are invited to a huge hog roast on Wednesday 1st June at 12pm at the pond near Main Avenue.  Park tenants and staff are welcome to join the celebrations where plant-based options will also be served.

Jayne Cannell, Westcott Business Park manager, said: “We are holding a big celebration hog roast so bring along bring picnic blankets and chairs and we hope as many of you can join us as possible.

“To create a lasting legacy we are also planting 70 trees at Westcott as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative which invites people from across the UK to ‘Plant a Tree’ for the Jubilee.”

“We would welcome donations towards the tree planting from Westcott businesses (£45 per tree) and will be placing a commemorative plaque in the vicinity of the trees which will be planted adjacent to the attenuation pond on Main Avenue as well as a virtual plaque online which tenants can also contribute to. Any assistance with seating, gazebos or perhaps a small marquee for the event would be most welcome, please get in touch with me if you can assist with this. Also, anyone wanting help set things up on the day are welcome.”

“As part of these celebrations we’d like to ask businesses to design a red, white and blue flower scheme in the form of planters, hanging baskets and flower beds.

“It would be great if everyone could get involved with the celebrations and at the same time make a difference at Westcott. The tree planting fits well with our commitment to the environment, tackling climate change and sustainability. It promises to be a wonderful, inclusive occasion.”

Other sustainable projects happening at Westcott include a butterfly conservation project at the former railway cutting where the Upper Thames Branch of Butterfly Conservation are clearing some scrub to allow several species of butterfly to thrive.

As part of the Pollination for the Nation initiative, the Park houses beehives for 20,000 bees alongside supportive habitats for them to thrive and produce Westcott honey onsite.

Plans are being put in place to extend the 10-acre solar array by up to another 40 acres to enable Westcott to be one of the first carbon-neutral business parks in the UK.

If you would like to take part in these celebrations, plant flowers or donate money for the tree planting please contact Jayne Cannell JCannell@lsh.co.uk.

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