A business based at Westcott Venture Park which specialises in the design and manufacture of inspirational garden rooms, has launched an interactive digital walkaround of their real-life showroom - providing potential customers with an interactive preview.

As most research is done online nowadays Green Retreats needed to bring their showroom to their customers to provide a place where people could easily explore their products whenever and wherever they choose.

The Green Retreats virtual showroom works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices exhibiting their Edge, Inspiration, Pinnacle, Expression and RocPod garden rooms - other rooms on show, include the Garden Office which is a sister company to Green Retreats.

The feature is an extension of Google Street View, which gives viewers a look inside the showroom via 360-degree images. The software, which uses hi-res photography and 3D mapping, is designed to give luxury consumers a more dynamic experience when they research online.

From the beginning, the purpose of Green Retreats digital marketing strategy was to “engage the consumers more personally with the Green Retreats brand,” says James Fox, marketing executive at Green Retreats. “We achieve a far higher conversion rate when a potential customer has visited our showroom compared with an over the phone enquiry. So to be able to get people into our virtual showroom before they arrive at Westcott Venture Park is tremendous and is already proving an effective sales tool.”

“We have worked extremely well with Google Trusted Photographers, Striking Faces to create and deliver the virtual showroom - an online destination where our products can speak for themselves. Striking Faces founder, Jo Hailey gave us a steer on how the showroom should be presented as it’s always good to have things that people find funny or could maybe share on social media platforms so we have many different things going on, like people asleep in the expression garden room, someone having a massage in the inspiration room, someone working out in the gym etc. in order to bring these spaces to life.”

“The virtual showroom has had an incredibly positive impact on our website with potential customers spending anything from 30 seconds to 10 minutes viewing the tour. So it’s already doing great things as it’s keeping people on our website for longer as it’s such an immersive tool and is now the 10th most popular page on our website despite having only been live for a couple of months. Ultimately enquiries and sales are up on the month in comparison to the same month last year, so we are well ahead of where we want to be.”

What’s great about the showroom tour is that it is integrated into Google so people don’t need to be aware of the Green Retreats brand in order to find online. They have also started working with an independent evaluation company known as Trust Pilot, for product reviews.

“We are starting to build a really immersive customer journey and experience for people so potential customers can really see that our products are top of the range. Every day we are becoming more of an established force and the creation of our virtual showroom further underlines the fact that we are the market leaders in what we do” says James.

To view the virtual showroom please visit:

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