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Class Act - tenant interview

Tenant Interview

Class Act

Tell us about yourself

We are a sound and lighting production company and have been creating memorable events in both the corporate and private sector since we formed in 1997. We are a family orientated business that delivers the personal touch and we believe this ethos sets us apart from our competitors. We work in a unique way on a unique business park, we love our work and we love coming to work.

I started business at Westcott in 1997 with £50 in my pocket occupying a very small building, we now occupy 5,000 sq ft on the park and we are running out of space. We are probably one of the longest standing companies on site here at Westcott and our four original full-time staff are still with us. In fact my eldest son works here, and my younger son works onsite for Topcats Racing.

What services do you provide? 

We deliver all manner of spectacular events from ceremonies and conferences to parties and fundraisers, including weddings, award dinners, live events, product launches and discos.

We used to be a theming company with thousands of props but the market has changed, thanks to the likes of Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor, people now want the WOW factor rather than props. This shift in market forced us to re-evaluate our business so two years ago we took the decision to focus more on corporate conferences delivering specialist sound and lighting production for product launches and award ceremonies.

The reason that Class Act is a ‘good bet’ is that whilst most companies within our sector have to hire in the equipment and therefore pass on the cost, we are able to supply equipment at a fraction of the cost as we own the kit we use.

Why Westcott?

I live two miles down the road and the thought of working on an industrial estate in a town would stop me running a business. I like it out here because we are in the country and I actually think as business parks go, Westcott is a really good site and it’s a good package. The security here is second to none and it’s vital for us to have 24-hour access to the park as we work unsocial hours.

What are your future plans? 

The future is bright for us here at Westcott and we are now actively marketing to drum up business in the conference sector for the year ahead.

What’s your message to other Westcott businesses?

If you are planning a conference for a thousand, a party for a hundred or a small festival, speak to us. We are onsite and can do you a good deal.

If you would like to find out more about Class Act visit or speak to Mick Watson on 01296 658222

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