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Tenant Interview

Refuel Global Brands Ltd

Tell us about yourself

Here at Refuel Global Brands LTD we are proud to be one of the UKs leading headwear and footwear manufacturers. We established in 2013 and have 60 years combined experience as well as the vast knowledge of our CEO Peter Lee. Peter is renowned for launching New Era Europe, Mitchell and Ness Europe and many other household brands bringing them to prominence.

It’s not just high end and sports fashion brands that we work with, we welcome everybody. One of the most rewarding elements for us is to work alongside up-coming brands and help bring them to the forefront of the fashion sector. To say that we have been a part of the brands successful journey is a real high point for us all.

What does that entail?

Our business is not just about manufacturing high quality product, it is about the whole experience. With our complete transparency, you will receive a seamless service from start to finish. Our team make the process easy and clear by continually overseeing all aspects from design to the production of the product and the delivery process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Why Westcott?

We have been tenants of Westcott Venture Park for many years and have had the opportunity to take on bigger buildings when our business took off. Leaving us with space to breathe and time to focus on expanding all aspects of the business. 

The security is definitely a great benefit at Westcott Venture Park and the rural location is perfect for the privacy and discretion of our high-end clientele. 

The vast open space surrounding all buildings on the site gives us a relaxed environment to work in, as opposed to the daily hustle and bustle of the big city.

What are your future plans?

Our business is ever evolving and expanding, with that our office and warehouse would have to follow suit. Whichever way our business expands we know that the Westcott Venture Park management team are there to facilitate to our growth.

What’s your message to other Westcott businesses?

If you are looking for custom designed headwear and footwear, then we are the company for you. We stand out from other competitors as we offer experience as well as high quality product. Our beliefs are creating long term business relationships and ensuring our customers receive premium service. 

If you would like to find out more about our business and how we can assist you, then please visit

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