Reaction Engines awarded contract by Nammo UK to supply heat exchanger for UK’s National Space Propulsion Test Facility

29/10/19 | Tenant News

Reaction Engines and Nammo UK have signed an agreement for the supply of a rocket plume heat exchanger for the UK’s new National Space Propulsion Test Facility at Westcott.

Nammo UK has recently been awarded a multi-million Pound contract by the European Space Agency to construct and operate the UK National Space Propulsion Test Facility at Westcott Venture Park.

The National Space Propulsion Test Facility will provide world-leading facilities within the UK that will enable rocket engines up to 1.5kN to be tested in high-altitude vacuum conditions, cementing Westcott as the centre of excellence for space propulsion within the UK.

The Applied Technologies division of Reaction Engines, recently formed to develop and deliver commercial opportunities from the Group’s patented, revolutionary heat exchanger technologies, is leading the design and manufacture of the rocket plume heat exchanger. This is a key element of the test facility and will enable rocket exhausts to be reduced from temperatures in excess of 2,000°C to just 50°C.

Steve Gill, Chief Commercial Officer, Reaction Engines said:“Reaction Engines is delighted to supply Nammo UK with a world-class heat exchanger that will cool extreme temperatures in a very compact envelope, and which will be one of the first large-scale commercial applications of the knowledge and technology we have developed. This project shows Reaction Engines has world leading thermal management capability. “

Dr Hamish Nichol, Engineering Lead for Reaction Engines said: “This project will truly demonstrate our capability to design and deliver the highest performance heat exchangers imaginable. We are particularly proud that our technology will play a key role in the UK’s new National Space Propulsion Test Facility which will be constructed adjacent to Reaction Engines’ own test facility which we are constructing for our SABRE engine.”

Robert Selby, General Manager, Nammo UK said: “We are excited to announce that Reaction Engines will be supplying an innovative rocket plume heat exchanger at the National Space Propulsion Test Facility that Nammo is developing at Westcott Venture Park following its recent contract award from the European Space Agency.   Reaction Engines’ technology is a key enabler in the goal to produce low cost test facilities available to companies and research institutions around the world. This synergy within the space industry is another example of the UK’s continuing effort to lead the world in space technology and capability.”

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