With our heritage in rocketry, and current plans for expansion into this final frontier, Westcott is fast becoming the recognised centre of excellence for the space sector in the UK.

From household names to next big things

Alongside world-leading aerospace manufacturers Airbus and BAE Systems, we also support the incubation of space tech start-ups in our exciting new ‘Space Cluster’. The future is taking shape at Westcott.

From household names to next big things

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The space race is back on

Once the preserve of government agencies, the final frontier is now an open market for commercial businesses. This new era of space exploration is creating exciting opportunities for technicians and entrepreneurs who can help corporations reach for the stars.

The space race is back on

Big steps for mankind

Technology is taking the sector to stratospheric levels of sophistication. Breakthroughs in 3D printing and nanotechnology are allowing engineers to reconfigure systems and reuse equipment in space. Westcott is proud to offer the ideal environment for innovation.

Big steps for mankind
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I appreciate the security. Not only is the rural location right for our business, but our working relationships with other on-site businesses are also highly valuable.
Terry Slade
Ziebe Ltd Automotive | Distribution
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