Westcott charges forward with green initiatives

30/06/20 | Park News

Westcott has hit the switch on a new installation of a twin electric vehicle charger, furthering its commitment to environmental issues and meeting demand for more sustainable travel options.

Westcott owner PATRIZIA has worked alongside environmental advisors Syzygy Consulting to install an electric car charging station, located by the gatehouse which is able to charge two cars.  The move brings a brand-new service to those working and visiting the Park while highlighting the Park’s commitment to a greener planet. 

The 50kW rapid charger is so fast it can get drivers back on the road in 30 minutes and is listed on a national database of charge stations throughout the UK, so is also available for the wider public to use, as well as occupiers and visitors to Westcott.

At the moment, the average battery size of Pure Electric Vehicles in the UK market is 48kWh therefore, to fully recharge the car, it would take around 50 minutes.  However, the battery of an electric car is rarely empty so a standard rapid charging session will take around 30 minutes – enough time for a coffee in the café which is adjacent to the charging station.

Tariffs for users of the chargers are 30p/kWh meaning a standard rapid charging session would cost around £8.50 which will give drivers a c.100 mile range. There is a default £10 overstay charge on the charger which will be applied if someone stays plugged in for more than 95 minutes.

The installation is the latest in a series of green initiatives at Westcott Venture Park which already has its own large solar array.  The Park has plans in place to be a carbon-negative business park with a further installation of panels covering 76 acres of the 650-acre Park.

Rod Mordey, Director at PATRIZIA explains: “Our occupiers are looking for more environmentally friendly means of travel and electric vehicles are on the increase.  We want to help people stay on the road by giving them a quick and easy way to recharge and this installation is extremely simple to use.”

“This is one of many ways in which Westcott offers a rounded experience for its occupiers and ensures an ongoing commitment to environmental issues and sustainable travel options.  

“I hope that having a car charge station on the Park will help persuade occupiers and visitors that going electric is a viable option.”

Jamie Baxter, Project Manager at Syzygy Consulting says: “Syzygy were pleased to advise PATRIZIA on the delivery of this 50kW DC rapid charger at Westcott. It highlights the site’s continuing desire to stay ahead of developments in the low carbon economy. The charger will be great for EV motorists on the A41 who are looking for a significant charge in a short period of time.”

In only five years the number of new electric cars registered each year in the UK has leapt from 6,000 to 60,000 a year.

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