Westcott Café brings fresh approach

17/09/21 | General announcements, Cafe Updates

Westcott occupiers need never worry about going hungry thanks to a new café and catering business which has opened on site.

Situated at the Gatehouse, the Westcott Café offers a full range of breakfasts and lunches for people based at the Park and outside visitors.

Formerly the Westcott Diner, the Café was taken over in March 2021 by Dan Hodgson and Chris Jarvis who could see its potential as the Park continues to expand.

The Café which offers a varied menu with everything made onsite with locally sourced ingredients. For example, the meat is from Boarstall Meats, an award-winning supplier around the corner in the village of Boarstall.  Customers can eat outside or out or simply take their food away and corporate lunch platters are also available for delivery.  

Jayne Cannell, Westcott’s Business Park Manager explained: “Westcott Café is a fantastic amenity providing both the wider community and people from around the Park with a place to meet.”  

The Café is open from 8am-3pm Monday to Friday, call 01296 658709 to place an order.

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