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Tenant Interview

Green Retreats Group

Tell us about yourself

The Green Retreats Group was founded in 2005 and has grown into the UK’s largest, leading and most trusted garden room company. We supply the nation with garden rooms, offices and studios, all built to the highest standards. We have installed over 12,000 garden room buildings since opening, which is testament to our product and service. Over the years we’ve seen many exciting developments within the business, including the expansion of three new brands; The Garden Office, Garden Studio and most recently, The Annex.

The Green Retreats Group is also a big advocate for being “green”. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. It is essential to us that we take great care at every stage of the production of our garden rooms, to reduce our impact on the environment. Our factory is powered by the solar installation at Westcott Venture Park and our offices are 100% carbon neutral with the energy and carbon used being offset, leaving no negative impact on the environment. All of our paper, carboard and plastic is also recycled on site at the Venture Park by Bucks recycling.

What does that entail?

Our garden room showroom is the largest of its kind. In our all-weather showroom we offer 17 fully furnished garden rooms, in a variety of sizes and design features to give our clients the most accurate representation of our buildings. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to answer any customer enquiries and each customer is then appointed a dedicated customer care representative who will guide them through the entire buying process once they have decided to work with us. With a fully equipped factory on site in the Venture Park, we are able to offer the full garden room service. Customers can rest assured that that their garden room will not negatively affect the environment due to the fact all the timber we use is FSC certified as well as certain elements of our construction materials being ‘second-life’.

Why Westcott?

The choice to locate our showroom and factory at the Westcott Venture Park was a simple one. The Venture Park offers the ideal location for customers due to its easy access route from the M40. The beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside offers the ideal backdrop for our showroom and a striking juxtaposition for our modern garden rooms. Along with the ideal location, the security protection was a massive draw for the business due to the fact we store a lot of materials and equipment on site. As we mentioned earlier, we are also able to take full advantage of local services, such as Bucks Recycling and the on-site solar panels.

What are your future plans?

We recently opened an additional showroom location in Twickenham, London, to allow for easier access for our London and South East clientele. The future sees more growth within the business and the opportunity to reach an even wider audience of clients.

What’s your message to other Westcott businesses?

We are a very friendly bunch and would love nothing more than to meet all of our neighbours here at the venture Park. Pop into our showroom and say hello!

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