NWT Freight Forwarding (Southern)

NWT Freight Forwarding (Southern) - tenant interview

Tenant Interview

NWT Freight Forwarding (Southern)

Tell us about yourself

NWT stands for Newell & Wright Transport was established in 1974 and now employs over 300 personnel with a turnover in excess of £54 million. Our head office is based in Sheffield and our operation at Westcott serves the southern part of the country providing transportation and distribution services across Europe including freight forwarding, container, haulage and specialised logistics.

Established in 1996, NWT Freight Forwarding (Southern) Limited was one of the first business occupiers here at Westcott and in March we celebrated our 20th anniversary. We currently occupy Unit 426 as our office space as well as Unit 254, which comprises 5,500 sq ft of warehousing accommodation. We employ six full time staff, with three office based and three drivers.

What does that entail?

Although part of a national company, we have relative autonomy with the business decisions we make here at the southern operation working with a range of clients in transporting and distributing a variety of products from across the UK and Europe.

Why Westcott?

Twenty years ago, we identified Westcott as a strategically located and highly secure site that would suit our business needs. We value the excellent onsite security and the site being proactively managed by an onsite team, which has always been very encouraging and have accommodated our operational needs.

The investment we have seen going into the park with infrastructure works and the creation of the new gatehouse, meeting room facilities, café and now the new bus route is very encouraging. The greater the investment, the more businesses move to the park so for us staying here is a double win as over the years we have worked with many of the onsite businesses including Refuel, FedEx, Ziebe, Bucks Recycling, Construction Specialities and AJ Fell.

What are your future plans?

We plan to do much of the same, continue to expand the breadth and quality of our services to customers seeking transportation and distribution facilities across the UK and Europe and continue to provide an excellent service to businesses here at Westcott.

What’s your message to other Westcott businesses?

If you require distribution or transportation services then please do not hesitate to contact us as we would love to work with more onsite businesses at Westcott as the close proximity would allow us to offer you the best service.

If you would like to find out more about NWT visit www.newellwright.co.uk or speak to Nick Tangi on 01296 655050 or email nicktangi@nwtfreight.co.uk

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